Bradley has been relentless in his efforts to contribute to the tech ecosystem in New York. #BreakIntoVC is a testament to his conscientious, giving attitude.
— John Azubuike, Investment Professional at KEC Ventures


What an amazing resource for anyone new to the VC space. I recently entered venture capital after two years of investment banking and private equity, but still learned a wealth of knowledge from Bradley's perspective and wish I had this guide earlier in my career. Great quick and useful read!
— Henri Pierre-Jacques, Founder at Harlem Capital Partners

While interviewing for my role as an investor at a growth equity firm, I noticed how little material there is on VC interviews. Bradley demystifies the process of launching a career in venture capital. The book also includes relevant case studies and terminology to help the reader quickly get up to speed. #BreakIntoVC truly is the bible for those looking to break into venture capital.
— Jon Ma, Associate at Signalfire
(Former Analyst at Insight Venture Partners)

I wish I had this when I was interviewing.
— Joe Tsai, Tech and Consumer Investor at Stripes Group

Bradley is a sponge, and his insight shines strongly in this very approachable read.
— Kanyi Maqubela, Partner at Collaborative Fund

Breaking into VC is perhaps one of the hardest challenges in the business world unless you happen to be Bradley Miles. This young VC/author developed relationships and expertise in the industry by building a blog following and doing original research on bitcoin and blockchain. Bradley was fearless in reaching out to industry veterans and showed genuine interest in and knowledge of their work. To those with similar heart, intellect and grit, Bradley shines a light on the mysterious and arcane world of venture.
— Miriam Rivera, Partner at Ulu Ventures

#BreakIntoVC is the most detailed and informative resource out there for anyone wanting to learn more about venture capital. Bradley comprehensively demystifies the industry and I would recommend this as a must-read for anyone interested in the intersection between entrepreneurship and finance.
— George Liu, Partner at Dorm Room Fund

A practical guide that decodes the language needed to understand the VC world. The hustle is not included, but if you are picking this book up that’s a good sign.
— Aaron Walker, Founder at Camelback Ventures