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I’m a huge fan of guest posting. I’ve seen it grow some of my favorite sites and I’d like to welcome readers to submit guest posts whenever an idea hits them. I’m happy to develop that seed of an idea with you too if you shoot me an e-mail ( 

It’s really hard for me to not justify guest posts on BreakIntoVC as I’d like to create as large of a community as possible. I want to bring more voices into the space, and while we don’t pay for guest posts, we do allow outbound links and bylines with links. This means you’ll get all the benefits of SEO when you post here. 

If you think you’re ready, please read through the guidelines below

Guidelines for Guest Posting

You know how it goes. Guest-posting can be one of the easiest, cheapest, and most effective ways to get some highly-targeted traffic to your site. If you want to guest post here, I’m happy to serve up relevant, on-target content for my readers, so long as you adhere to the following guidelines:

Length. I'd like the posts on BreakIntoVC to be pretty long and informative. You don’t need to write an essay, but we’re not interested in “news”-type posts that don’t give specific advice. A typical article should be 700-1200 words. If it’s outside of these numbers, send it over anyway, and I’ll let you know.

Depth. I'd like to believe BreakIntoVC readers have come to expect a certain level of quality. Give us actionable steps, awesome advice, and very specific guidelines to follow. Basically, write epic sh*t.

On target. BreakIntoVC is mostly about teaching the fundamentals of venture capital through personal narratives, but by definition we’re also a platform for you to talk about experiences on the other side of the table like starting a company,  trying to raise capital and sharing any insights on building a business. Please keep your post “on target.”

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